Rachael Linton

Cymatics & Installation Artist

Painting with sound vibration

Immersive & interactive art

From Gilder to Cymatic Artist

Artist Rachael Linton is from the South Canterbury village of Peel Forest. After living in the UK for the last 10 years working as a gilder, she returned home last year to open an art gallery. An accomplished artist with over 50 shows across NZ, the UK, and Europe, Linton is recognised for her contributions to the art and science of ‘cymatics’ (sound made visible). She developed a pioneering technique for capturing the resonant patterns of sound vibrations so that they can me hung on the wall. Rachael uses traditional gilding techniques to paint sonic waves onto glass and wood panels, creating works with fine art pigments, genuine gold powders, and precious metal leaf. 

Original paintings can be found in the:

Inspired by the intricate dance of energy and form in cymatics, Rachael explores the abstract painterly cosmic realms. Her experimental creations have excited her audiences into pure elation and states of deep contemplation. She weaves cosmic narratives into her immersive exhibitions, inviting her viewers into journeys of introspection.

An abstract painter who works with the resonance of sound vibration and with precious metal pigments to transform sonic vibrations into physical paintings so that they can by hung on the wall. Merging art and science. Her cymatic patterns transport viewers into sonic scenes, cosmic skyscapes and into energetic landscapes.

Video - Sound ON!

Explore the complete collection of Rachael's kinetic art installations:

Hans Jenny's Book

Rachael Linton is featured in a newly published book!

My artist commentary appears in Hans Jenny’s third publication, CYMATICS, a seminal resource for anyone interested in the field. You can find the book available here:

Acoustic Alchemist & Explorer of Cosmic Art

Dubbed an acoustic alchemist, Linton deals with the forces of nature in her paintings. Through themes such as harmony and chaos, coloured light and illumination, she invokes the interplay between the energy of images and human perception. Cosmic space landscapes as well as flora and fauna often feature in her work. She values improvisation and intuitive abstract painting, which allows an aspect of the unconscious and numinous, a state of cosmic consciousness to enter her work. Her recent collection explores the communication networks of trees, translating cymatic sound vibrations onto glass to depict the energetic connections of mycorrhizal root systems. Viewers of her 24ct gold artworks and interactive digital art installations have reported deep healing experiences and altered states of consciousness. She graduated with a Master of Design from Massey University in 2009, where she explored the therapeutic potential of the visual form of sound. Through her art, Linton illuminates the relationship between energy and matter, creating immersive experiences that resonate deeply with her audiences and create ripples in the fabric of space-time.

Discover Rachael's unique art technique: fusing cymatics patterns onto artworks.

A Journey through sound and light with Rachael.


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