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Cymatics Art Paintings are a unique form of vibrational art that depict the visual representations of sound waves. These stunning pieces of art not only add beauty to your space, but also offer therapeutic benefits through their frequency. The intricate designs created by cymatic patterns are truly mesmerizing, making these paintings a must-have for any art collector or someone seeking sound healing. The term “Cymatics” refers to the study of visible sound and vibrations, which is why these paintings are also known as “Sonic Art” or “Acoustic Paintings.” They are created by capturing the vibrational patterns produced by different sounds, resulting in one-of-a-kind “Sound Wave Paintings.” The calming and harmonious effect of these “Vibrational Therapy Art” pieces is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them.


Currently in stock. 


Commissions based on previous works may also be requested, please make an inquiry.  
Acoustic Alchemy series – 2021
Cosmic Time series 2020-2021 – Originals All SOLD.
(Framed in white gold water gilt frames).

Linton crafts these radiant and resonant paintings with a steady hand and precise eye for detail.
Inspired by japanese brushwork, traditional raised gesso lacquerware, and chinoiserie mural design, she has practiced these techniques to incorporate traditional methods into her own free and abstract style. In her early years she studied medieval history and illuminated manuscripts which gave her an appreciation for fine traditional craftsmanship, while further training in the traditional techniques of gilding, verre eglomise  (gilding on glass), and furniture restoration taught her how to create artworks that will last the test of time. Her pieces are both cosmic and otherworldly while at other times incorporate detailed flora and fauna. She paints with gold and other precious metal leaves, gold dust, as well as genuine metal leaf patinas, powders, oil paint, handmade glazes, varnishes, lacquers and more. She paints on glass for the luxury feel and wood panel. Every stroke of the brush reveals a little bit of mystery.  

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