Rachael Linton

About the Artist

Artist Rachael Linton is a sound artist who has found a way to fix and solidify the vibrations of sound waves into physical paintings. She stands at the forefront of the realm of cymatics research through science and art. A pioneers in developing a unique technique to preserve waves of sound as patterns on to art panels so that they can be hung vertically on the wall.

Using digital tone generators, musical instruments, acoustic sonifiers and the human voice she harnesse the sound vibrations to make paintings ripples with geometric sound patterns, called cymatics. She creates abstract works with nature and cosmic themes, bridging the gap between science and spirituality.

Linton’s uses an intuitive approach to her painting, valuing improvisation, allowing an aspect of the unconscious and numinous forces of nature to influence her work. Drawing on her background in gold leaf gilding and restoration techniques, she illuminats her fine art pieces with precious metal leaf,  lustrous pigments, and genuine gold powder to create a mesmerizing play of light. She aims to make cymatics artworks that create ripples in the fabric of space-time.

These paintings are more than just a visual delight, they are a journey to another realm of consciousness. 


Universes' Collide, 2023 - Rachael Linton

Rachael Linton is inspired by cymatics which visually describes the relationships between energy and matter by creating harmonious, sacred geometry patterns. Her work has brought pure elation to many of her tens of thousands of viewers. With the publishing of the new Peter Guy Manners book ‘CYMATICS’ makes Rachael Linton one of the leading figures in the world of cymatic art and research.

Her art delves into the mysteries of the natural world, exploring themes of harmony and chaos, light and illumination, and cosmic space exploration. She unites her improvisational painting techniques with her intuition, resulting in abstract paintings that tap into the unconscious and evoke a cosmic consciousness. Her work is reminiscent of planetary landscapes, creating ripples in the fabric of space-time and her digital artwork shifts and changes the energy in the atmosphere and in space.

With a Masters in Visual Communication Design from Massey University, Wellington, Linton brings her academic background and artistic vision to the panel. Her interactive and immersive exhibitions have received widespread acclaim, with participants reporting profound, contemplative, dellpy profound as well ad healing and therapeutic experiences while viewing her work.

Significant works

Art Installations

Golden Water Gong, 2014 - 2024

The Golden Water Gong is one of the most significant work of art created by Rachael Linton.  It is an interactive art installation that has captivated the hearts and minds of tens of thousands of people, who have had the chance to play with it and witness the magic of sound come to life. With just a gong and water, the kinetic art installation brings to life the mesmerising patterns of sound made visible, known as cymatics, in a visual display of beauty and wonder. The Golden Water Gong is a true testament to the power of sound and its ability to bring people together.

“I love seeing how the Golden Water Gong evokes awe, reverence, and fascination in my viewers. As they gaze in contemplation, captivated by the patterns, it looks like they have encountered something holy, transcendent, and beyond the realm of ordinary experience. I feel like I have created something cosmic and otherworldly for them to explore.”

Digital Cymatics

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