Sounds Holographic

Sounds Holographic

SOUNDS HOLOGRAPHIC – a multimedia performance installation directed by Rachael Linton for Brighton Digital Festival 2013, in collaboration Zu Studios and the 360° Soul Dome Cinema.

Sounds Holographic was a collaboration of 10 exquisite artists – sound, dance and visual performers as part of Brighton Digital Festival in 2013. Together we explored the scientific and mystical qualities of sound resonance. Through visual projections, we aimed to illuminate the physical form of sound by way of holographic interferometry. Quantum scientists, musical enthusiasts, energy healers, and digital innovators were welcome to share and contribute to the experiment.

The gong sounds behind a microphone and sends sonic vibration through the speaker, on top of which sits a pool of water. The pool of water resonates into geometric images which then are filmed and cast live into the 360° immersive Soul Dome Cinema, surrounding the viewer with the cymatics of the gong both audibly and visually, simultaneously. The 360° Soul Dome Cinema was set up with a gong resonating sounds affecting cymatics, and other visual imagery in modular and highly flexible real-time. The audience was immersed in a rare ‘son et lumière’ experience; a live sound and light dance which was both mesmerising, enchanting, and illuminative. Special treats included the Egyptian, Indian, and Suf dance as well as, sitar, hung drum and voice

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