2014_Kinetica Artfair

Artist and researcher Rachael Linton created a project called Cymatic Response at the ‘Kinetica Artfair’ in 2014 at London’s Old Truman Brewery. This interactive and immersive experience invited guests to engage with the digital art installation. A cymatics light and sound installation created geometric imagery which was created by vibrating water on top of a speaker using the resonance of pure sine wave tone sound. The coloured light and sound vibrations were created by the viewer using the purpose developed app controller, called ‘Sound Vision’ on a touch screen iPad. The cymatics was filmed from above and then projected live in HD onto a vibrating black shiny wall with specular radiance. All this aimed to show how the energetic effect of sound and light cymatics art can have a therapeutic effect on the user. This digital artwork was next in line with a series of Linton’s explorations & experiments which aim to entrance her viewers by projecting video footage of cymatics onto the human body. Linton’s hope was to illuminate the subtle bioelectric aura of energy moving around the human form to make it visible to the naked eye.

Her audiences are often mesmerised & inspired by the sonic experience. Linton has seen her viewers elate into euphoria and calm into serenity as her participants immersed themselves in the sound and visual bath. It is these induced and altered states of being that Linton believes may hold the key to new substantial healing outcomes and this is the key that continues to drive all of Linton’s artwork.

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