Symbiotic Serenade

by Rachael Linton
Etched, verre eglomise, 24ct gold leaf on glass, and oxidised black silver with mixed media pigments and cymaticsvibrations.
Size: 30 × 30 cm (framed).
In a record black shellac and 22ct champaign gold frame, made by the artist. 

Symbiotic Serenade is a verre églomisé artwork that captures the intricate communication network of trees. Featuring genuine 24ct gold and black oxidized silver leaf, this piece showcases vibrant green and earthy pigments in the cymatics vibrations.


I’m very happy to present “Symbiotic Serenade,” one of my favorite newest pieces that follows on after the series, Resonance of the Trees. This artwork is a verre églomisé, or reverse painting on glass, crafted with genuine 24ct gold and black oxidized silver leaf. This is a verre eglomise work on glass and they are exquisitely difficult to take a good photo of because of all the glass and gold reflections. So…I have taken lots of photos in different light as well as a video so that you can see the reflections of the etched gold tree as well as the brilliant colours of the pigments used in the cymatics vibrations.

In “Symbiotic Serenade,” I delve into the fascinating world of tree communication, inspired by recent research on the complex networks connecting trees and plants. Using my signature technique of fixing cymatics sound vibrations onto glass, I aim to convey the structured language and energetic connections of tree root systems. This series explores how trees communicate not only through their roots but also through waves in the air, wind, ether, light, and atmospheric energy. I like that the patterns of cymatics vibrations naturally align with the intricate root structures of trees and plants, creating this visual language of resonance.

“Symbiotic Serenade” is a representation of nature’s beauty and interconnectedness, offering a glimpse into the hidden symphony of tree communication. 

Please write to me if you are considering purchasing this piece and would like any more information or to see a little video of the work. 



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