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This interactive art installation is now available for you to own, allowing you to study and explore the geometric patterns of cymatics. The Cymaharmonium has been crafted into an object for solo contemplation or group explorations, and provides transformative experiences as well as creative inspiration.

The Golden Water Gong has evolved into the Cymaharmonium since its invention in 2017. It bridges a gap between art and science, with diverse uses from photography, filmmaking, spirituality, therapy, and education. Cymatics are profound images to study whether you are in the fields of art therapy, acoustic engineering, or energy work. The Cymaharmonium reveals a cosmos of patterns, unveiling sonic universes and symphonies of stars. 


The Golden Water Gong and Cymaharmonium, are functional works of art by artist and​ designer Rachael Linton. The Cymaharmonium reveals the profound connection between​ sound, vibration, and the natural world.

It showcases the transformative power of cymatics, when you strike the horizontally mounted 26-inch gong with a mallet the force creates mesmerising geometric patterns on the surface of
the water.​ The Cymaharmonium is a thought-provoking work of art.

Since 2014, the Golden Water Gong has enchanted 100,000 individuals with its immersive experience. It has been exhibited at numerous festivals and conferences in the UK and Portugal​ since 2017, including prestigious events like Breaking Convention, Medicine Festival, and​ Noisily Festival. The artist has gained valuable user feedback to re ne its design with each​ exhibition. The installation encourages active participation, inviting visitors to create unique​ sonic signatures by striking the gong, playing musical instruments or vocalising through it.

Crafted with care and gilded with genuine 23.5ct gold, the new Cymaharmonium gong hangs​ within a hand-crafted wooden table. Precious metals have been selected for their radiant and lustrous properties, capable of refracting light in profound and illuminating ways. The circular table has folding height-adjustable legs for easy transport and placement, for low ceremony
sitting or standing height, indoors or outdoors.

Artist Rachael Linton continues to expand the reach of the Golden Water Gong, and​ Cymaharmonium by training artists and practitioners in art therapy, sound healing, and energy
work in the artworks use. This project is a harmonisation of design & technology to enrich the
human experience by inspiring transformative journeys into cymatics, a sonic wonderland.

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 40 cm
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