Kinetica Artfair – 2014 – Aura Illuminator

At Kinetica Art Fair in 2014, Linton’s project titled ‘Cymatic Response’ invited London’s Old Truman Brewery into a stunning interactive experience. Sound Vision was a purpose-developed app on a touchscreen iPad which allowed viewers to control the undulating light and sound vibrations of the cymatics installation. This art could be watched in real-time as it was filmed and projected onto a vibrating black shiny wall with a specular radiance. Linton’s aim was to show the audience the healing effects of sound and light cymatics art, as well as its ability to allow viewers to explore her unique interpretation of the subtle bioelectric aura of energy moving around the human form. Many participants were captivated by the creativity and healing potential of the cymatic installation, and enhanced experiences have reached a broad range of ailments from soothing migraines and nausia. With further clinical testing Linton believes her cymatics art therapy may help to treat other physiological ailments such as ADHD and Parkinson’s.

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