Rachael Linton's unique art technique: fusing cymatics patterns onto artworks.

Cymatics paintings are Rachael’s signature form of painting that brings the energetic vibrations of sound waves into physical form so that they can be hung on a wall. The term “Cymatics” was coined by Dr. Hans Jenny and derives from the Greek word kima (κῦμα6), or “wave” and refers to the study of visible sound and vibrations. Rachaels paintings are created by capturing the vibrational patterns produced by bass sound frequencies, generated by a sine wave tone generator, resulting in one-of-a-kind sound wave paintings. 

Rachael working on one of her early cymatics paintings on glass, using traditional verre églomisé, gold gilding techniques.

Rachael crafts these paintings with a steady hand and eye for detail and a lot of patience, it really is like waiting for paint to dry. Inspired by traditional Japanese brushwork, raised gesso lacquerware, and chinoiserie mural design, she has practiced these techniques to incorporate traditional methods into her abstract style. In her early years she studied medieval history and illuminated manuscripts which gave her an appreciation for fine traditional craftsmanship, while further training in the traditional techniques of gilding, verre eglomise (gilding on glass), and furniture restoration which has trained her how to make artworks that will last the test of time. Her pieces are cosmic and otherworldly and sometimes incorporate detailed flora and fauna. She paints with gold and other precious metal leaves, gold dust, as well as genuine metal leaf patinas, powders, oil paint, handmade glazes, varnishes, lacquers and more. 

The works below were all SOLD between 2018-2024.
Framed in hand-crafted traditionally watergildt frames, made by the artist.

Commissions based on any of the colours and styles of these artworks can be

custom-made for you.

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