Cyberdelics Incubator - 2017

Rachael Linton was invited by Carl H. Smith, the founder of the ‘Cyberdellics’ art community to speak at their society meetup in London, 2017. Rachael spoke about her theories about the capabilities of cymatics, focus on her development of a digital therapy, one that uses a visual code of cymatics, one that has still not yet been solved. She describes how she has designed an immersive sound and visual experience provided in VR may have both medical/therapeutic App that may have cognitive and consciousness enhancing implications. Scientific investigation and clinical testing of this work may reveal that our brains have a neurological response to sound and vision beyond the belief and investigation. Rachael believes that the therapeutic value of Cymatics is still a very new and relatively uncharted field of scientific inquiry, which  she believes may hold an important function in the development of new holistic healing technologies. 

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