2014_Brighton Digital Festival

An event hosted by BDF14 'The New Sublime' exhibition at the Phoenix Gallery, Brighton.

Cymatic Response

Cymatic Response: A Unique Art and Neuroaesthetic Experience

“Cymatic Response,” a FREE event hosted by BDF14 ‘The New Sublime’ exhibition at the Phoenix Gallery, Brighton. Using our purpose-developed APP, participants controlled the desk to resonate a pool of water, creating geometric cymatic images. These patterns were projected into the exhibition space, immersing viewers in resonant healing light.

Description: Participants immersed themselves in an innovative art experience where their brainwaves and bio signals interacted with water in a mesmerizing feedback loop. Using cutting-edge digital systems and the established theories of Sound healing and Colour therapy, Artist Rachael Linton, in collaboration with APP developer Justin Holloway, brought forth their latest development in Digital Therapy—a medicine of the future. This interactive process allowed attendees to explore and tune into their aura like never before, offering a perceptive experience beyond the realms of everyday existence.

Audience: This engaging sonic art show appealed to scientists, healers, and art enthusiasts of all ages, providing both entertainment and enlightenment. Participants were encouraged to bring smartphones to capture video and biosignal recordings of the artwork they co-created.

Safety and Accessibility: Please note, this event was not suitable for individuals with photosensitive epilepsy. An epilepsy warning and health & safety notice were provided due to the flickering light in the experience.

Feedback and Development: Participants were invited to participate in an empirical study to gauge their response to the artwork, contributing to ongoing research in film therapy and future artistic developments.

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